Thank You

I’d like to extend a THANK YOU to Crooked River CrossFit co-owners Marty Pajek and Kyle Eshelman for their contribution to my successful weight loss this past year. With their instruction, guidance, and motivation, I successfully lost 70 lbs and 30 inches! These pictures show the physical change that CrossFit provided. The first was taken November 2012; the second November 2013. Not shown is my 8.5 BMI reduction and 10.4 Body Fat Percentage reduction taking me from the obese ranges in both to the lower level of the normal range for both. Needless to say, CrossFit has changed my life!

And to think of all the excuses I made before I began this program – “I’m too old”, “I don’t have the time”, “CrossFit is too intimidating”. I did it anyway – and I got hooked. The hardest step was that first one to walk in the door. I was immediately put at ease with the welcoming, professional staff who worked with me to scale each movement to allow me to learn and be successful. Over time, my strength improved and so did my ability to perform. Now, 16 months later, I realize I have literally been transformed. And it feels GREAT! I am a new person; a stronger, more fit person. And I’m never going back to where I was before CrossFit. Exercise and nutrition have become a focal point in my life; CrossFit has become my lifestyle. Again, I say THANK YOU to Marty and Kyle; and to each of the CRC coaches. I owe my success of a healthier ME to YOU!

Anita Pajek