Keeps Me Accountable

I’m just about to have my two year anniversary with CRC (November 15th). I started at CRC at the recommendation of a co-worker (Eric Sutch). I had decided a couple of years earlier to change my lifestyle and get into shape. I started with running and completed my first half-marathon when I wanted to do something that would challenge me and make me stronger. Having never been an athlete in my life, and never having lifted weights before, walking into a CrossFit affiliate was a big step for me.Since joining, I have set personal bests in three more half-marathons, climbed Long’s Peak (14,259 ft.), competed in three different CrossFit competitions, and have attended classes in 18 different affiliates around the world. It took several months to fully embrace CrossFit, but I have jumped in whole-hog.

What keeps me coming back day-after-day is the friends that I have made (including the coaching staff). They keep me accountable and push me further than I think that I can go. I wouldn’t have registered for a competition, if not for the encouragement of those friends.

My favorite WOD is 12 Days of Christmas, but our version could only be made better with rope climbs. I never climbed a rope before in my life before coming to CRC, and aside from rope burns on my legs, it is my favorite movement. My least favorite WOD is Karen, because who would want another person to do 150 wall-balls? Seriously, why? That or anything with handstand push-ups, because I still haven’t figured that one out yet.

My advice to anyone relatively new to CrossFit is to realize that change is a process, and scaling is not a sign of weakness, but rather part of the improvement process. In every gym, there are some amazing athletes, enjoy watching their abilities, and strive to reach that level, but focus on form first and get better with time and work.

Also, having the chance to walk into many gyms as the “stranger”, the CrossFit community is a tight-knit group, and regardless of where you go you will find encouragement, the ability to grow physically and mentally, and at the end of the day a group of friends to work out with.

Benjamin Keck