I am the smallest and strongest I have been in years!

My name is Richard Helton, I am 56 years old. I started CrossFit two years ago. I decided to start CrossFit because I wanted to encourage my son to step out of his comfort zone by demonstrating to him that I could do something I had never done before and be successful. At first I was very intimidated by the workouts and the ability of the other athletes (Charles) around me. Initially I started off at 250 pounds and lost some weight at the beginning. Then I plateaued for about a year because I was eating the same way I did before I started CrossFit.

At first, I was just happy with finishing the work outs. Then I started to become unsatisfied with just finishing the workouts. I wanted to push myself to my maximum ability and improve my performance, but I felt my weight was holding me back from doing that. Kyle said something that resonated with me, “you can’t out train a bad diet.” I asked Marty what he thought I should do. In his quite way he told me to follow the Zone diet. It wasn’t until my brother Tony stopped into a Crossfit class to see what it was all about. He told me with the intensity of the workouts in Crossfit, I should not be as big as I am. He told me about his meal plan and it was not until then I started putting the pieces together.

So I started looking into eating better. A couple of weeks later Jimmy told me that he and Doug were going to start the Zone diet. So I printed out the materials and decided to start the Zone with my wife Nancy. Having someone to share the program with made all the difference in the world. Also having the help of Jimmy as my coach, held me accountable each week.

Once I started the Zone, I started losing weight again. Throughout the entire time that I was following the Zone, the CRC members kept encouraging me. Jeff, Neal, and I started doing extra workouts and providing each other with encouragement. Right now I have lost 55 pounds, I am at 17.8% body fat (started at 32% body fat) and I am the smallest and strongest I have been in years. I would not be able to do this without the support of my friends at CRC and the support of my wife my three children. I encourage others to trust the trainers at the gym and follow their examples. Coming to CrossFit and going through the motions is not enough, you need to embrace the lifestyle and encourage yourself to perform to your maximum capacity.

Richard Helton