Stay Healthy Throughout the Week

School, jobs, friends, family, house cleaning, bills — the number of things we have on our plates seems to know no limits. We’re constantly busy, always on the go, we need to throw “sleep” somewhere in that list, and if anything gets pushed aside, it’s usually our healthy habits.

Making a healthy meal, getting in some quality exercise, these are all things that take time — and for many of us, it’s time that we don’t feel like we have. But as the saying goes, when we’re at our best, we’re able to be our best for everything and everyone around us. Our CrossFit gym is more than happy to share some tips on staying healthy all week long. Learn more in our blog, and join Crooked River CrossFit today!

Plan ahead.

Meal prepping has simply exploded in popularity in recent years. Part of this is due to the practicality of planning your meals, and part is due to the awesome exposure that social media has provided. Regardless of why meal prepping has become a widely appreciated trend, there’s a lot of sensibility behind it.

Having your meals ready to go for the week — or even a few days — can save you time that quickly gets filled during the week. You won’t have to worry about cooking later, and you’ll have a nutritious meal ready to be warmed up and enjoyed. This cuts down the number of times you’ve left work starving and driven to the nearest fast food establishment, and is a much healthier practice as a whole.

Have healthy snacks on hand.

Who hasn’t seen 2:00 pm roll around and felt that insatiable hunger take over? Even if you’re eating pretty healthily, it can be all too easy to reach for that leftover company bagel or stop by the vending machine in the breakroom. Similar to meal prepping, having the right snacks on hand can cut back a lot of the unhealthy choices we end up making on the fly.

Cut up some apple slices with peanut butter, pack some carrot sticks and hummus, have some almonds and walnuts on hand — all of these are some ways we can satisfy our hunger, without sacrificing our health in the process.

Get active, and stay active.

We know: exercise is tough, and making it a regular thing is tough to do. After all the other incredibly busy things you have going on, getting to a gym and working some more seems practically like torture to many people. But exercise and activity is crucial to helping your health overall, and can actually boost your energy levels in the process. The key is to make regular exercise happen on a weekly basis, and this is where Crooked River CrossFit can help.

With our CrossFit gym, you’ll become part of a health-inspired community, where trainers and members alike will encourage you and keep you accountable. We have a number of group classes and fitness programs that are sure to inspire and motivate, as well as personal training options which can target your health goals (and help you reach them).

Staying healthy throughout the week is challenging, but not impossible, and it’s absolutely more likely to happen when you’re engaged in a CrossFit gym like ours. Join Crooked River CrossFit in Mayfield today!

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