See why so many people have fallen in love with CrossFit with Crooked River CrossFit! What we offer is a holistic, sustainable fitness program that’s fun and taps into everyone’s natural innate athleticism. No matter your current level of fitness or athletic background, our knowledgeable and dedicated coaches tailor workouts that can be done by anyone, every single day. You’ll find boundless energy, reshape your body, increase mental acuity, develop good lifestyle habits — everything that will take you to becoming the best version of yourself.

Wondering what the workouts like at Crooked River CrossFit? Our personal trainers and coaches work with participants to move in ways that are natural and fun. Jump, run, push, pull, lift — all the great stuff we did as kids, but with grown-up toys that challenge our bodies with a variety of exercises that keeps us guessing with every workout. Plus, our CrossFit classes are offered in a group setting so you’re surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded people all working to become their very best.